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President of the Ushers

February 20, 2016
Mr. Barnum was born again in 1998, since then he has served God in various capacities. He is an ordained minister of God and continues to spread the gospel to his community. His commitment to the service of God has seen him rise to various positions in the spiritual realm. Among them is serving as the President of the Ushers. He also gets pleasures giving back to the community.

He is also an accomplished entrepreneur and has practiced entrepreneurship for the last twenty years. Studies of entrepreneurship show a strong association between somebody’s tendency to entrepreneurship engagement and personal wealth. For example, in the US entrepreneurs are less than 9% of the households but hold almost 40% of net worth. The explanation for the phenomenon is that credit constraints present a critical hindrance to entry for the individuals with less wealth.

Alphonso Barnum is a humble leader and preacher. Humility is a powerful attribute for business persons and owners. Whenever a company or business fails, there are delusional, dysfunctional and incomplete leaders who think they know everything and cannot exercise humility. He is a true worshiper of God. Alphonso found his End Times Praise in 2000. In the year 2002, he attended the International Fellowship family Worship Center where he obtained his authority as God’s minister after completing his studies. Mr. Barnum continues to spread the good news to the world, particularly in his community.